Saraylı Madeni Eşya


General features

  • Automatic height adjustment 60 to 90 cm
  • Completely electrostatic stainless paint
  • Mesh top ironing surface
  • Colored bright cover
  • Special design to facilitate ironing
  • Special iron rest with incombustible silicon fittings

Technical information

  • Code 2227
  • Barcode 8695849008342
  • Product Size 42 / 125
  • Weight 7,3
  • Number of boxes 2
  • Package Size 160 / 42 / 19
  • Packing Size 165 / 42 / 8
  • 20 Pieces Container 520
  • 40 Pieces Container 1074
  • 40 Hiq Cup 1200
  • 90 m³ tractor unit 1421
  • 50 m³ Truck 790
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